Cadangan akan ditunjukkan selepas menaip dalam input carian. Gunakan anak panah atas dan bawah untuk menyemak. Gunakan enter untuk memilih. Jika pemilihan adalah frasa, frasa itu akan dimasukkan ke carian. Jika cadangan adalah pautan, penyemak imbas akan menavigasi ke halaman tersebut.

Bila perlu menghantar mesej kepada hos anda

You’re more than welcome to contact a Host at any time. Sometimes, you’ll have to—other times, it’s simply a good idea.

When you must message a Host

Unless you’ve found an Instant Book listing, you’ll have to request that the Host accept your stay. At the Confirm and pay stage of your request, you’ll need to include a brief message about why you’re traveling and when you’ll check-in.

When it’s a good idea to reach out

  • Before sending a trip request: You could send a pre-emptive hello or double-check that their place is available.
  • If you have a question: You should be clear about what to expect. Just check the listing description to make sure the answer isn’t already there.
  • If you’re already booked but you need more info: You can use your Inbox to message the Host or go to your Trips.

Haven’t heard back?

Most Hosts respond within a few hours, but time zones and lack of internet access might slow things down. In the meantime, try reaching out to other Hosts in the area. Just be careful not to send more than one trip request for the same dates to ensure you don’t end up double booked.

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